Tree Angel Nusa Penida, A Haven From Which to Enjoy the Real Nature – Tourism object tree of love Dead is one of the cheaper packages object to Nusa Penida are not to be missed. If the drop in to the Nusa Penida, it will not be enough if only enjoy one day trip Nusa Penida only. Because, there are many interesting places to visit and lots of things to do on the island. Particularly for those lovers of snorkeling, must surely be very happy when it is stopped at the goal of Nusa Penida snorkeling.

There there are mangkalnya large Manta Rays colors. The fish there are wing span that reaches 3 meters and many other marine biota. In addition to diving and snorkeling activities you can relax, soothe the mind from all the problems of the everyday. There are many providers of Nusa Penida tour that offer great value. Well, here’s a review about tourist destinations tree angel Nusa Penida.