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Bali is a island that has many uniqueness, not only the object of tourism but also the customs and culture and also the ritual.
There is a very interesting ritual could be followed in Bali is a HOLY SHOWER RITUAL in a complex of shower full of grace at well known Tirta Empul Temple. To following this ritual it is not difficult, follow the direction of your driver or guide then you will be able to enjoy it.
Bathing with holy water in Bali called “Melukat”, surely bathing with water that has been in blessing by the Gods, where this holy water blessed by Dewa Indra according to Bali people beliefs
The Human Body consists of half more water, it would make sense if the water in our bodies to get a spark of water that has been blessing will become more physically and spiritually healthy.

Tour Program
Pick up at 8.30AM and direction to the temple of Tirta Empul following the bating ritual began with a short breafing regarding the way of ritual, for 2 hours ritual and finishing by visit the shource of the sprink water in the main court of the temple, ritual finish then continue the tour and stop at coffee farm to having coffee after get cold from the pool, then visiting traditional village Pengelipuran then the last stop at the very unique and ancient of Kehen Temple.

Charge: 45 USD per person
Including: Transport, offering/flower, wet and dry sarong, loker, entrée ticket at Tirta Empul Temple, guide fee for ritual.

Tirta mean Holy Water, Empul mean spring so Tirta Empul mean holy spring water. There are 3 pools with different size, each pool consist of numbers of shower, the sources of the water in every shower is come from the spring water. Pool A with 14 showers, pool B with 2 showers and pool C with 6 showers.

Every shower have meaning with different function and sensation, below is the detail of each showers:

First Pools:

1st Shower : Giving protection/safety when doing the long trip/going to be away.
2nd Shower : Curing from every kind of skin diseases.
3rd Shower : Curing soul disease such as stress, depression or mind disorder.
4th Shower : Curing rheumatic, muscles cramp.
5th Shower : Curing toothache
6th Shower : Curing any kind of bone pain.
7th Shower : Increase loving feeling, strengthened loving feeling to husband/wife, find soul mate.
8th Shower : Decrease emotion or anger.
9th Shower : Curing respiration system disorder such as cough or flu.
10th Shower : Treatment for hair loss, fertilize your hair
11th and 12th Shower : no need to take.
13th Shower : Wide the prosperity way, increase the farmland/nature fertility, develop career position.
14th Shower : Purify body and soul, strengthened Kundalini.

Second Pool:

1st Shower : To eliminate nightmare
2nd Shower : Destroy any suffering caused by ancestor and god’s curse.

Third Pool :

1st Shower : Clean up all the dirty inside family, nature and our self, destroy any disturbance of evil spirit, destroy any anger inside our self, obtain new generation.
2nd Shower : Damage all self dirty on human body and nature.
3rd Shower : Curing any heavy diseases such as cancer and other chronicle diseases.

What should to Bring:
Towel, change cloth, plastic bag for wet used.

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